Passover should be as stress-free as possible. Our removable Passover and Chometz tape and stickers easily label cabinets and other areas so that everyone can clearly know what is chometz and what is for Passover. These stickers are also very helpful to label areas you already cleaned as you prepare for Passover.

We believe our clearly marked Chometz labels are perfect for indicating areas that are to remain off-limits for the duration of Passover. At the same time, our Kosher for Passover labels indicate those items that are safe to use for Passover. The stickers are easy to apply, and when it’s time to remove them, they leave no sticky residue behind. 

Chometz tape can be applied to microwaves, ovens, kitchen cabinets and any other items. Individual cabinets and drawers can be labeled with the Chometz / Kosher for Passover stickers, while entire sections of the kitchen and other areas in the house, including appliances, can be taped off for Passover. 

Ask your local supermarket, hardware store, and seforim store, if the stickers and tape are available.

These products are also all available for resale and distribution so please contact 1-410-585-1513 or 800-419-4213 for purchase enquiries. 

Checkout out our bright orange Kosher for Passover stickers, excellent for labeling and identifying kosher food items that will be consumed during Passover. These can be purchased online at  or

Visit our website today for more information on our Chometz, Machor L’Goy and Kosher for Passover products: 

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