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Our two main material options for tape are premium PVC and economy polypropylene.

Polypropylene tape is our budget-friendly option and our most popular tape choice. It is a reliable tape that is great for sealing standard food containers. Our PVC tape is high-performance, excellent quality tape that adheres nicely to many container types. Seal food containers that only have a short distance to travel, or packages that will be in transit or storage for extended time periods. An easy way to tell the difference between polypropylene and PVC tape is to pay attention to how much noise the tape makes when peeled off the roll. Polypropylene has a distinctive crackle and PVC tape has a low-noise application.

For those looking to seal food containers such as clamshells, paper bags, small cardboard boxes etc. for short periods of time, polypropylene is a reliable and cost-effective choice. Polypropylene tape does a good job keeping containers sealed and prints nicely.

For customers who want to seal heavier duty packages, or who just want a most upscale look to their products, PVC tape is the way to go. This tape has a stronger adhesion and therefore works well for items that will be sealed for long periods of time or that will be in transit. PVC tape also has a smooth and quiet application, which is a plus for many customers who use it in busy professional settings.

Every business is different, but we typically recommend that companies choose tape if they need to seal a container and stickers if they need to label something. If your intention is to keep a package closed and its contents protected, you will benefit from our tape. If you just want to label something to let customers or employees know what’s inside, stickers are the way to go. Both of these products can be custom-printed with your business name, logo and information, so your brand will be on display no matter which one you choose.

If you’re unsure of what sticker type would work best for you, we’re always happy to help. We offer several options for sticker adhesive type, material type, shape and color, allowing you to customize the perfect sticker for your business. Our 4 major specifications are:

  1. Adhesive type (permanent, removable, freezer, repositionable)
  2. Material type (white gloss, white litho, brite or dull gold foil, flourescent, gloss freezer, white vinyl, white poly, clear poly)
  3. Label shape (rectangle rounded, square rounded, circle, oval, starburst)
  4. Printing options (full color, 1 or 2 color, standard color, custom color)

We have two varieties of tamper-evident stickers, our paper stickers and our hologram stickers.

The paper stickers can be used to either seal or label a package, and cannot be removed without tearing. If a bag is closed or labeled with a tamper-evident paper sticker and someone tries to remove it, the sticker will rip and come apart, making it clear that the package has been tampered with.

Our hologram stickers work in a similar way; tearing and leaving a residue on the package when someone attempts to remove them. The hologram stickers provide an even higher level of security because they cannot be reproduced, ensuring that no unauthorized label copying happens.

  • Yellow PMS 108
  • Orange PMS 165
  • Red PMS 199
  • Green PMS 347
  • Gray PMS 431
  • Burgundy PMS 222
  • Brown PMS 476
  • Process Blue
  • Reflex Blue
  • Black
  • White

Standard ink colors

Yes we can print custom Pantones for $60 per color. Minimum order quantities may apply.

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