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Following our companies initiation in the printing industry 20 years ago, we identified the need to create a graphic solution specifically designed for the Jewish community. Observing how food is delivered from kosher restaurants we realized the need for a more personalized and secure method of sealing kosher meals. 

Founded in 2017, Kosher Tape Plus set out to be a leading supplier of custom kashrus sealing products. We know that it is crucial that establishments serving or distributing kosher food use a secure seal to keep their packages in tact and preserve their kosher status. We knew we had our work cut out for us. 

Rather than simply providing the bare minimum of blank, generic tape for kosher businesses, we transformed a required packaging method into a branding opportunity. Not only does our tape  help businesses meet kashrus standards,  it provides a colorful, eye catching personal touch, custom-printed with a company logo, hechsher and identifying information.

In addition to tape, we also offer custom-printed stickers and labels (including tamper-evident and hologram options) for branding purposes.

A variety of Custom-printed products to meet your business needs.

Whether your primary focus is on kahrus sealing or branding, Kosher Tape Plus helps you achieve both with our wide array of products.

Choose from our standard and reliable economy tape or our top of the line premium option. We also offer a wide variety of printed label options, as well as secure hologram stickers.

Economy printed tape

This cost-efficient and reliable option is perfect for sealing basic packaging and making sure the contents stay safe and kosher.

Custom printed labels

We offer a large selection of shapes, sizes and materials to help create the perfect sticker for your business.

Premium printed tape

Premium tape is the #1 choice among clients for sealing meals. This high-quality tape keeps food safe and kosher and looks great on any package.

Hologram stickers

If you're worried about package tampering or unlawful label reproduction, our highly secure hologram stickers are for you.

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