Square Corner Freezer-Safe Spot Color Labels

Our freezer stickers are a great option for items that will be frozen for extended periods of time.



For best results apply the stickers in room temperature before placing items in the freezer. These durable stickers have a strong, freezer-grade adhesive and will remain on your products even when stored in low temperatures. Label meat, fish, bread, bakery products and other frozen items without worrying that the stickers will come off or be ruined by moisture.

Choose from our 10 standard color options to create stickers that fit your exact color specifications. Spot color printing allows you to have up to 6 colors printed on your sticker or label at once.

These roll based freezer labels come in sizes up to 42 square inches, with a width of up to 7.5″ and a height of 15″.
For any size above 42 square inches, please call us at (410) 585-1513 for a custom quote.


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