Trust is the foundation upon which strong, long-lasting connections are built. No-one knows that better than we do, here at Kosher Tape Plus. Trust builds a strong foundation for long-term business relationships. Trust also fosters open and transparent communication which means that you are more likely to share your needs, concerns, and feedback with us and you can fully trust that Kosher Tape Plus always has your best interests at heart.

Knowing you can trust the quality of our products is paramount to our success. We work with kosher organizations across the country and beyond. By including your kosher symbol on custom tape and stickers, you can label and seal your product packaging or take-out meals so that kosher observant consumers can clearly see the sign. Purchasing high quality, custom-printed tape from a company that is familiar with the kosher industry means you get what you pay for. You can trust that we go the extra mile to understand your requirements so that we provide the correct product solution. This may include heat-friendly stickers, water resistant stickers, or stickers with a freezer adhesive. Whatever your need, we provide high quality stickers, labels, and tape that seal kosher products and ensure that the kashrus is maintained especially through transit.

At the end of the day, trust is an investment that pays dividends in the form of your retention, referrals, and a solid reputation within our industry, providing a win-win solution for all.

To find out how we can become your trusted partner, visit our website:

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