We at Kosher Tape Plus are the experts in the field of custom printed tape and stickers used in the kosher food industry. We believe in finding a better way and we are here to advise you which products will best suit your needs.

When working with our customers, we have the advantage of understanding the halachos (laws) and importance of kashrus as well as many years of experience in the printing industry. Before offering a product, we spend a lot of time and effort in testing the various materials to make sure it will hold up to your expectations in the environment that it will be used. We work with the hechsherim as well as the customers to make sure the logo is printed clear and bold. Both our stickers and tape are available in different materials and sizes and we will guide you so that you pick what will work best for your needs. We offer economy and premium tapes, and oven friendly stickers so that our products can be sure to hold up to your conditions and tamper evident stickers and holograms to ensure that integrity of the kashrus is always maintained.

For any kosher organization that requires their certified establishments to order from us, we offer a service where we verify with the organization that we have permission to print their customer’s tape with the hechsher’s symbol. This helps the hechsher maintain the integrity of their symbol.  They can always know who is using their symbol, how, and when.

We want to thank the kosher organizations that stick with us. Your trust and support have been the driving force behind our success, and we can’t thank you enough for choosing us for your kosher simanim needs. We appreciate your referrals and really enjoy working with our hechsherim.

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