When it comes to maintaining the kosher integrity of food products, Kosher Tape Plus stands at the forefront yet again. We believe in finding a better way! Our hologram stickers are a cutting-edge symbol that certifies food as kosher.
Hologram stickers find their prime application in vacuum-sealed meats, sealed cheeses, and wine bottles, particularly suited for mass-produced items sealed in factories or processing plants. These stickers serve to authenticate the kosher symbol displayed on product labels.

Our advanced security measures ensure that these stickers cannot be tampered with or transferred onto non-kosher items.

Attempting to remove them will result in a conspicuous “VOID” mark, safeguarding against package tampering or illegal label replication. If you prioritize the integrity of your packaged goods, our highly secure hologram stickers are the ideal solution.

Kosher Tape Plus presents two options tailored to your needs, both offering high levels of security and tamper resistance. Option one consists of 22mm stickers available in gold or silver, printed in-house with swift turnaround times.

These stickers feature overprinting and leave behind a distinct “VOID” mark upon removal. Orders can be placed for quantities as low as 1,000 units.

Option two provides a more customizable solution with embedded security features such as laser serial numbering, pearl with text effects, secret codes, and microtext. These stickers also incorporate effects like foreground/background, kinetic, sparkle, and gradient effects, rendering them extremely difficult to counterfeit. We recommend incorporating at least three security features to ensure maximum integrity and prevent illegitimate reproduction. Prices for these stickers can be as low as three cents per unit, with a minimum order quantity of 50,000 and longer production times.

Safety, security, and branding come together seamlessly with our simple yet effective hologram stickers. At Kosher Tape Plus, we are committed to finding a better way to deliver value through every aspect of our offerings.

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