What is combo pricing?

Two stickers that are part of a set
An example of a sticker set that was ordered with combo pricing

Here at Kosher Tape Plus, we strive to make our products affordable and easy-to-order. That’s why we rolled out a concept called combo pricing, AKA a great way to get more product for less money.

Combo pricing is exclusively for sticker and label orders. Starting at orders of 5,000 stickers or more, we allow you to combine lots, meaning you can get multiple different sticker designs in the same order (as long as the stickers are the same size and shape). The more stickers you order, the lower the price gets! Mix and match different sticker designs for your order. It pays to order more!

This is a great option for businesses that want to get stickers for multiple varieties of a product all at once, or who want to save money by buying in bulk. 

Does your business:

  • Have multiple flavor, color or ingredient variations of the same product?
  • Go through stickers very quickly?
  • Need to label many types of products at the same time?

Then you should take advantage of combo pricing! Don’t need 5,000+ of the same sticker? Get 3 different lots! With combo pricing, you could get 2,000 chocolate, 2,000 vanilla and 2,000 strawberry labeled stickers for less than if you bought just one of those types! Save money and get more of what you need with combo pricing.

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