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If your takeout restaurant struggles with brand recognition or customer retention, your solution may lie in the way you package your items. If you use generic clamshell containers and unmarked paper bags, it can be easy for your company’s name to slip peoples’ minds! Restaurants that participate with Uber Eats and other third party delivery services can especially struggle since the food is not arriving in their branded vehicle or by a person in uniform. People who order via delivery apps commonly forget the name of the establishment they have ordered from, but you can help prevent this with Kosher Tape Plus!

Kosher Tape Plus brand tape and stickers are a two-in-one investment because not only do they promote your name, but they keep your food items sealed and safe as well! Customers can never be quite sure what happens to their meals while in transit; give them peace-of-mind by sealing your packages with branded tape or stickers. When customers open their food, they will feel confident that it wasn’t tampered with,  and they’ll see your company logo and remember you! 

Both tape and stickers are effective for sealing and advertising and we’re glad to help you determine which one is best for your business! For food items that will be in transit for long periods of time or kept in a storage facility with inconsistent temperatures, tape may be the way to go. For items that come in small containers or have minimalist packaging designs, stickers could be perfect. Both tape and stickers come in multiple sizes, colors and materials so you have plenty of options from which to choose. 

By sealing your products with custom tape and stickers, you can ensure that your company won’t be forgotten. Just one person asking an officemate where the delicious lunch delivery came from can spark a chain reaction of people raving about your restaurant! When you use Kosher Tape, an impression is made!

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