Kosher Tape’s importance to kashrus organizations

As a kashrus organization, you are the heart of all things kosher. You serve as an invaluable resource to the Jewish community and provide establishments with the certification they need to sell kosher food. When a restaurant receives its kosher certification, products from that establishment must be sealed and protected in order to maintain their kosher status. Without this seal, the products cannot be considered kosher! Once certified, restaurants procure reliable tapes with which to seal their products, and kashrus organizations are their go-to resource. Since restaurants rely on kashrus organizations, it is wise to provide them with the best tape and sealing options available today.

At Kosher Tape Plus, we provide high quality tape to seal kosher products and keep them kosher. Not only do we offer a variety of materials and colors , we will also customize each roll with the company logo, hechsher, contact information and any other relevant information. Unlike the plain tape that many organizations offer, Kosher Tape Plus offers a product that stands out and assists businesses in gaining valuable exposure. We are especially pleased to offer competitive pricing and quick turnaround time, making the purchasing process as smooth and easy as possible. 

Our goal is to connect with kashrus organizations in order to be a resource for restaurants and other establishments seeking kosher certification. Business owners will find that the ability to purchase high quality, custom-printed tape directly from a kosher organization will make their tape-purchasing experience hassle-free.

We offer several great tape options that will seal and protect any kosher product. Polypropylene tape, our best seller, is inexpensive, strong and effective for sealing food for transport. We also offer PVC tape, a stronger tape that is moisture and temperature-resistant and perfect for items in storage or which will be transported longer distances. Clients will love how their logos look when printed on either of these tapes! 

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